Saturday, August 21, 2004

Woodward Nightmare Cruise

The day started off in anticipation of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. Had a haircut done in the morning and took a short nap to be awake and refreshed. Digital camera batteries were charged up in the morning and CF cards cleaned out.After pottering about at the apartment, finally head out at around 5.30 PM. More than an hour later than I wanted to start. But oh well. Finally on my way .Car seemed to be making more noise than normal due to the leaky exhaust system major deal I think as I have driven around with something similar in the past for weeks on end without any problem. Wrong ! While waiting at the light to cross Woodward, I hear muscle cars close by and in the distance rev their engines. Sounds good ....then I hear something strange .. my car is making a deap throaty roar . Sounds like a v8+ muscle car with 400+ horses under the hood. For a moment I dream, but reality kicks in ... I drive a car with a wimpy 4 cylinder making an aneamic 106 HP !!! The light changes and the traffic starts to move ahead when I hear, above the roar of my engine a new noise which bothers me more than the roar of the engine is the sound of metal scraping on the road below ! BAD ! Nails on a chalkboard havnt bothered me so much. Drive painfully with two noises jarring my fillings .....for a distance not much more than a mile ....but it felt like more due to the traffic and because of the noise. To add to the turmoil in my mind ..I see the reflection of my car in a shop window and I can see a metal rod scraping on the ground ....and pointing towards the front of the car. I now worry that it is going to catch on something and my car is going to be stuck in the middle of the road. Somehow the car limps into the parking garage and wonder of wonders ...I find a spot on the ramp not too far from the entrance . Park and get out to inspect the damage. Doesnt look good at all. Good chunk of the exhaust has broken loose and is on the ground under the driver's seat. The end of the pipe is still fixed solid to the silencer at the rear of the car. I sit in the car and hold my head for a while.I figure there isnt much I can do for now as no one will be able to come to help me out due to the traffic at the moment. Decide to go shoot pictures of some cars and not worry about my car. Big mistake. Did not enjoy a single minute of the day as every time I hear a lound exhaust note ...which was almost every 5 seconds I remembered my car.Walked around and took some pictures till around 9 PM. Walked back to my car and tried to shake the exhaust pipe loose. No such luck. Go to the garage attendant and ask for help.Search for towing companies in the book. As expected all local ones contracted out for the day.Finally get the number and call AAA around 10.20 PM. Of course I didnt have my membership card with me and so had to go through all the trick questions they have to verify my identity.They promise to send someone from Rays Metro Towing between 10.30 and 11.30 PM.Wait next to the car for an infinite amount of time ...feeling cold and hungry and icky and angry and alone. 11.40 rolls around and no sign of Rays Towing. Get all ready to call AAA when the towing guy calls asking for directions and that it will take him another 30 min. to get there !Finally he shows up at 12.20 AM. He talks about kicking the thing off !! I suggest he tie the thing up somehow so that it doesnt scrape on the ground. The guy gets some rope from his truck and after half hour or so of lying under the car ....manages to tie the broken B pipe (as I later learnt) up to the inner door handles so that it wouldnt drag on the ground. I thank the guy both with words (he seemed happy with that alone) and shocked him with a tip too. It elicted a "Cool thanks man" from him. Then the 6 mile drive back in a race car with the hazard lights on !Make it back to the apartment by 1 AM. Hungry angry and tired as hell . Heat up some Poli and stuff face ...before crashing for the day .


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