Friday, April 08, 2005

Chakka Velaichathu - my favourite food

I have tried a variety of different desserts and foods from different cuisines but Chakka Velaichathu from Puthupally Kerala rates the highest in my mind. This is the naaden equivalent of Tirunelveli Halwa but made from Chakka phazham mixed with jaggery and some flour base on a slow wood fire with repeated stirring with a wooden thavi. The final product after a labourof love of a couple of hours of stirring has to be covered and allowed to slowly cool. The color and consistency at the end is a dark brown and a bit thicker than Thirunelveli halwa(my second most favourite halwa). When refrigerated for a while it gets harder and can be pretty tough. Not for someone with bad teeth or easily dislodged dentures.

Chakka Velaichathu can be eaten as dessert or a snack by itself or combined with Puttu for breakfast or as a filling within special adas for a tea time snack. The only warning note for the uninitiated is that indulging in this in large quantities could result in severe gastric distress. Like tasting fine wine, one should imbibe just a little bit of it at a time and stop eating before you feel sick.

Chakka - Jackfruit
Velaichathu - Pureed ? Somebody Help Me Please


Blogger silverine said...

Chakka in any form is my fav. Cant get enough. :))

July 28, 2005  
Blogger monu said...

chakka in anyform is superb ... have your heard about "Chakka+pork" ..its yummy ...i like it very much :D... game for it anytime :D ....but no chance for it here :(

April 07, 2006  

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