Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Growing Shorter In Height !

A very disturbing thing happened this past week . I found I am shorter in height by an inch ! How did this happen ? I still have not fully understood the "how" of it but I have understood the why part of it. Let me start from the very beginning. I had been very happy when I had matched my father in height and was even happier when I had overtaken him in height (He is around 5'2"). Suddenly I noticed I had stopped growing taller and I measured my height using the same tape I had always used and voila ...I was 5'8" tall. I had hoped to be a six footer but 5'8"was still respectable and I was happy with it. So from that point on when anyone asked me ...I replied that I was 5'8". Till suddenly one day when joining up at a gym, I was asked for my height and weight by one of the trainers. I gave the standard answers I was now so used to giving ...But of course they wanted to double check. They check my height and say 170 cm, that's 5'7" . I am shocked ! I had remembered the 170 cm part of it. But previously somehow I had calculated the conversion to feet as 5'8". I had to find out. Go check the web and realize my fate is sealed . Most online conversion sites say the same things ... 170cm = 5'7" ! So here I am shorter in height by an inch ...And this is even before I have reached my thirties ..... Well before my sixties and seventies where curvature of the spine due to age begins !
I am still trying to reconcile myself to the fact that I will grow shorter in the future ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that people get a little shorter by day due to gravity. But when you lay down at night your body goes back to normal because you don't have all that gravity putting pressure on your spine. I hope this helps!

June 28, 2009  

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