Thursday, July 28, 2005

Elliots Beach

Went with Dan3sh, one of the few friends from college I am still in touch with last Sunday evening to Elliots beach. He brought his camera along and took several pictures. A sampling is up on his blog. I like the first 3 pictures but am undecided about the last one. Am posting this in an effort to force him to publish all the other cool ones he took that day as well :-) .

We spent a couple of hours there walking around and him taking pictures. We were hoping to get some better pictures near one end of the beach that was fairly free of people but once we got there we realized it was an open air restroom and so had to beat the retreat. We 'polambified' about our current states in life which is 'single' which is not a good state to be in when you are at the wrong side of your twenties. I forgot to bring up a post by Silverline about the whole Mallu "Pennu Kaanal Ceremony Part I" & "Pennu Kaanal Ceremony Part II" so have added the links here. These posts are must reads for the prospective Mallu bride and groom :-). Most of the details may apply to others in similar ruts in life(Indian with a large family network looking to get you married) with some slight modifications.

We went to the 'Planet Yuk' or was it 'Planet Yum' near the church side of the beach and attempted to get coffees but the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) seemed to be massively understaffed with one guy preparing orders, collecting money answering questions and also being yelled at by impatient customers. One local dude wanted to first be told what "Indian Style" coffee was available as the whole list of Cafe Lattes, Cappuchinos etc confused him. The CCD employees answer sounded like greek to him and that pissed him off. He then took ages to decide on what to get and then started mumbling about how long it took to ge the coffee. All this while Dan3sh and me were waiting patiently in what seemed to be the queue. Of course no queue is complete with the self centered pompous ass who has to cut through somewhere and then yell out his order, pay for it and get it while everyone else is waiting in queue.

So to the weird looking guy with glasses and wearing a ratty green polo shirt ... I hope I dont run into you again. You got away as I was in a mellow frame of mind. But usually I get all riled up when people behave inconsiderately. I have been trying to eat mental chill pills and go with a nothing affects me attitude. Have succeeded for most part but once in a while while driving it gets very difficult to remain like that when people with IQ's less than my shoe size(they cannot be expected to know things like road rules), show up behind the wheels of vehicles and pester me. Then its back to the maniacal laughter, one hand on wheel, finger out the window and foot on the accelerator ;-). No no ... all that I wrote is fiction ... just kidding about the maniacal laughter part that is.


Blogger silverine said...

Hi Sushil,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. And for linking it with your post. Enjoyed reading your blogs and am gonna be a regular visitor. Do check out another take on the PBG and PB saga. :))

July 28, 2005  

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