Sunday, July 03, 2005

Food World Incident

Saturday, Around 11.30 AM in theNelson Manickam Road Food World store.

Am waiting in the regular checkout line with my basket of groceries I had selected. A couple in front of me was arguing with the checkout girl over whether some items they had purchased could be marked as food stuff. This was going on for a couple of minutes.
I noticed during all of this that the express lane was empty. Out of nowhere a guy (short, balding and very out of shape with a huge paunch) wearing a light blue shirt with a Godrej Logo on it and a dark blue pant gets into the checkout lane I am in, between me and the couple in front of me from the wrong side. He has a small packet of mushrooms and begins bugging the checkout person to get his packet checked out immediately.

I was getting bugged by all of this and very politely tell the guy that the express lane is empty and available. This ticks off short bald Godrej guy and he tells me I have no business telling him what to do. I am boiling mad at this point as not only has the guy cut the queue but is now acting like I am the bad guy. I let him have it using the cleanest Tamil I can muster. Didn’t use and bad words from my side whatsoever as all I was trying to do was to point out to Baldy Godrej was that he had no idea regarding how to stand in a queue. Bald dude had nothing to retort and so he chooses a low down mean attack and calls me an Erumai. I was shocked speechless as here was I, in the best shapre of my life slim and trim and taller than the dude and he calls me an Erumai ? By this time baldy had realised I wasnt going to budge and that the entire store was looking at him. What does he do. Goes away from the lane I was in and cuts in to another lane in the same exact way from the wrong side. This time some numbskull lets him get away with it and off he goes out of the store. I see him gegt up on to his powerful motorcycle and pedal start it and buzz away, oh did I say powerful and motorcycle. My mistake. The dude was on a TVS 50, nothing against the vehicle, just that nowadays not many people even ride one. It seems to be the modern replacement of the cycle for the riffraff of the city who cannot get anything costlier.

Erumai - Buffalo :-)


Anonymous rajeshknair said...

yeah, i got irritated just reading this

December 06, 2005  

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