Thursday, July 07, 2005


Just wondering about the multitude of other cube dwellers who have to suffer through over hearing the conversations of their cube mates over the partitions/cube walls. (A scene from the movie Office Space runs through my mind but I cannot remember the exact dialogue. Shall add it in here when I do so) Specifically cube mates who believe in speaking as loudly as they can possibly can when talking to visitors in their cubes or when on the phone. Phone conversations. These get to be very interesting as you are forced to concentrate on just the one half of the dialogue and you have to guess the other part. Turns out to be hilarious when you misconstrue what sounded like a very sad breakup (at full volume) and later get the details when another similary affected cube mate tells me that he thought it was more of a financial break up than a personal breakup :-). I just hope I am not such an irritant to my neighbours when I make the occasional personal call to my dear ones and break into Paccha Malayalam.

Paccha Malayalam - Literally Green Malayalam but really means pure Malayalam


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