Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Morning Drive !

  • I take Nungambakkam High Road till the Gemini fly-over every morning. People making u-turns when they are coming from Gemini fly-over on Nungambakkam High Road before Ispahani Center cause oncoming traffic to stop and let them go first. Sure go ahead ... one has to share the road since there is no signal. While I am sitting patiently waiting for the hundred cars to go slowly turn in front of me ...there comes a complete idiot in a three wheeled auto/load carrier piece of crap out of nowhere and blocks both me and the traffic that is trying to make a u-turn. He is pretty close to my front bumper and tries to turn right but of course there is no room. The Indica in front trying to turn is also stuck, so is the 3 wheeler as another Moron has managed to get himself behind the 3 wheeler. My BP is going up by now ....not even 5 minutes into the one hour commute of the morning.
  • Get cut off by a stupid guy in a silver Wagon-R a couple of times ! He cuts me off in the right most lane to then turn left ?????
  • Idiot in a truck clips a M-800 in front of me and so have to navigate around the mess to get past the Eldams road Signal !
  • A moron in a White Indica stops suddenly in the middle of the road and then slowly turns into a petrol bunk.
  • Reach Canal Bank Road with no other inciden. Have my heart in my mouth when multiple vehicles in front of me stop suddenly. I stand on the brakes but the Ikon seems to take its time to stop. I am sure I will hit the auto in front of me but surprisingly I stop with maybe a foot to spare. Almost relax when I hear a tyre squeal and then a Thud and my car vibrate from the impact of a silver Mondeo hitting me right in the backside ! By now the traffic in front has already moved so I manage to pull over to the left side of the road and get out to inspect what I was sure was serious bumper damage. Luckily no visible damage. I finally get to work and inspect the bumper carefully and notice two small spots where the paint has come off. Phew !


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