Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Points to ponder

This is just a post about some things I saw over the past week which made me think for a bit(something I do usually try not to do too much).

Man pulling hand cart loaded with soft drink bottles on Sardar Patel road. Whole long stream of cars stuck behind him. I thought people would honk and get mad. But interestingly enough everyone waited till the man pulled the cart past the signal.

Saw a woman and her child on the footpath on Haddows Road. This was the morning after heavy rains the previous night. They looked like they had been on the road all night. I felt kind of weird driving by in an A/C car, wearing nice clean clothes after a good nights sleep on a comfortable bed with a fan and A/C to keep me cool, heavy dinner the night before and good breakfast in the morning and of course a bath in clean hot water ! I realised I should be thankful for what I have.

Saw a strong young man helping his aged parents cross Chamiers road. I was touched by the marked difference in postures between the old parents and that of the son and the way in which he held their hands while crossing the road. I was also reminded that even though I may be driven mad by my parents at times with their ways, I am with them to help them in their old age and time of need.

Walking around a couple of days ago in desperate need for eye drops, I notice a gypsy woman lying on the road passed out. I was in a quandry as I didnt know what to do but before I could think I saw some folks from some company nearby in proper formal office wear stop by the lady and try to wake her up and revive her. My problem of not knowing how to help was immediately resolved so I continued in search of eye-drops. By the time I returned I saw the woman standing up and picking up her belongings. She had apparently been given food/drink and seemed none the worse for her fall.


Blogger Grafxgurl said...

its so sad isnt it.. to watch things like that... ifeel so incredibly blessed for everything that i have.....sigh and about parents.. yes they do drive one mad...i love mine very much..wish distance wasnt such a horrible factor.. it makes everything so much more difficult to resolve..

July 27, 2005  
Blogger Danesh said...

Excellent post! Very introspective and timely. I was getting too materialistic, now I will stop and reflect.

July 27, 2005  
Blogger silverine said...

Once i saw a mother and her son share a packet of peanuts whilst me and my friends were having b'fast at some darshini. Couldnt eat a morsel after that. :(

July 28, 2005  

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