Sunday, July 03, 2005

Spencers Parking Incident Exit Ramp

Went to Spencers Plaza to get something for my Mother's birthday with my Mother and Sister. Parked in the basement and did some shopping, some ice-cream eating and then returned to the car.
To leave the basement parking in the Spencers plaza one has to follow a maze of Exit signs around the periphery of the basement till a pretty steep ramp up and out of the basement. A guard stands at the foot of the ramp and allows vehicles to enter the ramp only when the vehicles in front have cleared the ramp for obvious reasons.
We were stuck in a long line of cars waiting to get on the ramp. This line of cars was well formed and orderly and in line one behind the other. Suddenly I notice a white Mitsubishi (Hindustan) Lancer with a black spoiler attempt to cut in front of the Silver Hyundai Santro behind me. The Santro didn’t let the guy cut in and so the spoiler dude now keeps moving ahead till he is inches from my left rear door. I have no room to move and can only move forwards. I do so till the Lancer dude is now stuck between my car, a pillar to his left and the Santro.
Since he has no room to go forwards due to a pillar and so tries to squeeze between my car and the pillar. He cannot do much and goes nuts and starts jumping up and down in his car and I can see the car bounce up and down eerily close to my car. Some space opens up and I move ahead. The Santro behind me also moves up and we leave the Lancer behind forced to get in line.

Complaining to the guards did nothing so I just shut up and went home.


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