Monday, July 25, 2005

Sushil's right eye

This is Sushil's right eye. I feel I have been neglected for the past couple of years and have been taken for granted. I cannot take this anymore and demand that I make myself be given the respect I am due as the 50% shared working partner for his whole outlook on life. I am henceforth starting a non-cooperation movement and have forced him to wander around OMR this afteroon in search of Ayurvedic Eyedrops called Itone as I made him feel me becoming all dry and rough. He swears by the eyedrops and believes it will keep his eyes from harm. Lets see about that. I have since shut down production of tears and so Sushil will have to depend on either a swift kick to the groin or glycerine to see tears in his right eye. Good luck with the eye drops old man I do hope he will not have to resort to the other option.


Blogger Grafxgurl said...

but the other option works AT ONCE!!!!
*runs away very fast*

July 25, 2005  

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