Monday, July 25, 2005


Things I would like to get done at some point in the near future in the order which I hope to attack:

  1. Get a broadband connection at home ( Have to decide between BSNL/Airtel/Hathaway/Tata Indicom - Currently in Analysis Paralysis mode) . Update: Got the Airtel Broadband.
  2. Get a mobile phone for my folks as they are the only people who are still not hooked up. Once they figure the whole mobile thing out together may get another phone so that they have one each.
  3. Upgrade the audio system in my car to have a) a CD Changer b) sub-woofer and c) new and improved speakers.
  4. Get wider tyres from the 175/R14 to probably a 195/R14 and snazzy alloy wheels as well for the car.
  5. Add in some stealth mode defensive modifications to the car to repel High beams and tailgaters. More details to follow in another post.
  6. Add some performance modifications on a minum a K&N filter and a free flow exhaust. Supercharger/Turbo charger route still to be decided.
  7. Do the research and get a) 42" or larger TV (projection/plasma ...sure why not it is a wish list) b) home theatre audio hookup with atleast a couple of thousand watts :-).

    That is all I can think of as my wishlist for now. Just have to save some money up and knock them off the list one at a time. Guess this should keep me busy for a long while. I havnt considered other living expenses and basic essentials like a house etc. but when one has a 42" TV who needs a house.


Blogger Rat said...

hey let me know once you get your broadband connection and have done the research :) In the process of doing the same but have been damn lazy about it.

July 26, 2005  
Blogger silverine said...

Yeah when you have a 42" TV who needs a house? Well said. Get a little more ambitious and wish for a Ferrari on the drive way. Here in bangalore, I would include an auto . It would move faster than a Ferrari for sure:))

August 02, 2005  
Blogger Sushil said...

I love cars and I have already listed one of every exotic car ever made on a fantasy wishlist. This list though is the list of things I think are easily attainable within a couple of years. Ferraris have issues with potholes and stuff :-). has pictures of sightings ferraris and other exotic cars in different citres in India.

August 02, 2005  

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