Saturday, June 18, 2005

Spencers Parking Incident Entrance Ramp

Go to Spencer Plaza by car for the very first time. Had gone there many times before but it was always by the handy Auto-Rickshaw. Get to the place without incident but I realize it was the calm before the storm. The entrance to the parking structure has two parts one to the left and one to the right. A couple of uniformed guards direct you to either the left or the right entrance. I got waved to the right side. I think shouldn’t really matter, but I thought too soon. I notice that the ramp I was on was a pretty steep one and there was a White Mitsubishi Lancer with two people in front of me and a silver Maruti Suzuki Zen in front of the Lancer with four passengers. The Zen was having trouble making turns and so would stop back up and then proceed. This resulted in the Lancer having trouble in the turns as well. The Lancer had trouble because of its length and so had to do a similar attempt to make the turn, fail, stop, back up and then proceed process. I was in the Ford Ikon and noticed all of this going on with a sick feeling in my stomach. I was never comfortable driving on slopes and the chance of rolling back into someone was just too great here. I also noticed several hundred scratch marks all over the walls of the ramps at the corners where many others had tried and failed. I joined the ranks of the poor drivers who were not able to make the turns without backing up but managed to get out of the first turn without scratching the car up. That been done was now stuck on a straight up ramp while the Zen and the Lancer played the turning game at the next sharp left turn. My feet started getting tired and so I put on the hand brake and wait. Then when the two cars clear I smoke a bit of the handbrake attempting to get started without rolling back. I succeed and also managed to navigate the next two or three nightmarish turns as well and reach the top at the cost of the now famous burning rubber smell that seemed to fill the parking structure. Have vowed to not go there in the newer car for a long while and to also make sure I go to the left entrance instead of the right. Do wish they had given the ramps a bit more thought and space when they designed the building which is awesome in all other respects.